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I am 52 years old male from Iceland and have been amateur in photographing for 30 years. My favorite thing is landscape scenarios, but I over the years have been thinking of practising taking portraits. I use 35 mm and use full frame. I do not cropp the photo's and use only real colors. I have one polisy about my pictures, and that is not to explain it in words. I use the picture as an expression not some text, but I think it is ok to write when the picture is taken and where. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and you are welcome to e-mail me and comment them personally. And if you are coming to Iceland to take pictures you are welcome to contact me. Ps. Anyone who gives me their honest opinion of my work, I will visit their last postings and critique. so you do not need to ask me too look :) With Greetings Thorsteinn Asgeirsson ( IceRock )

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