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I am retired from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I worked as a physicist for 35 years. I started making photos and using the darkroom in about 1947, and after retirement I took up serious photography and joined some camera clubs. When I started in serious photography I went the usual route. I made pictures, took them to my camera club, got critiques, and slowly improved. I photographed the usual subjects, like sunsets, the Golden Gate Bridge, mountain lakes, wildlife, and famous buildings, and accumulated a number of awards. Then one day I went to a talk by the Canadian photographer Richard Martin, and my photographic world changed. He taught me to photograph subjects that most other photographers ignore, like rust spots on junk cars, trash in the street, peeling paint on walls, and unconventional views of unimportant buildings. I learned to love to make images in which the subjects are recognizable and enjoyable, but are less important than the abstract shapes and colors that make them up. What I enjoy the most is finding images that other photographers do not see. I make no attempt to follow the rules; I shoot to please myself. But I must admit I am particularly happy if others tell me that they enjoy my work, or, even more, if they emulate it. I am a graduate of the Photographic Society of America course in Judging and Analysis Beyond the Rules. You can see more of my work at

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