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I am a very serious amateur with over 40+ years of shooting experience. I have been rekindling this passion in the past 15 years. Digital photography is a natural fit for me because my other serious endeavor is computer application. I think I am pretty good with Photoshop as a photographer, not graphic artist.

I shoot with Nikon gears, but I also think Canon is a good alternative. I have been shooting Nikon since the 35mm film days (N90s, F5). A few years back, I came close to switch over to Canon because Nikon was so late in coming out with a full frame DSLR. The camera body was not an issue, but I knew nothing about Canon's lenses. So I waited, and waited and, thank God, Nikon came out with the D3.

I had been a corporate executive until I turned 50 and saw the handwriting on the wall. I decided to pursue my dream and started selling photographic accessories so I am doing something I am passionate about. Feel free to visit my webstore Our webstore and see the items I use for my photography. I think we offer a lot of value to photographers like myself.

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