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This user has no photo My name is Tomasz Larczynski. I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive my language mistakes (and feel free to correct them).

I'm an amateur photographer, interested in this hobby for some 15 years. Through this time I developed a few preferences. First and most important, I'm not interested in realistic depiction, but rather in creating something autonomous, sometimes distorting an image, both using camera filters and computer processing. Open, abstract composition is also preferable for me, as well as texture and warm colours (even if they weren't present in an original sight) - outdoor photos (which comprise the bulk of my portfolio) are shooted almost exclusivelly in 7000-8000 K.

I write it only to avoid comments like "hey, it's not sharp!". It's not, because it's not meant to. However I'm naturally fully open to being critisized for the artistic quality (or total lack of such) of presented photography!

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