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I'm happy to be a member here. I'm learning a lot. I didn't even know how to resize my photos to get them on here when I started. So I did photo critiques. But first I read many of them and some Articles. So I could understand what everyone was talking about. I have to say It has been enjoyable. There are a lot of kind people here. Thank You. Tavius Nov 25 07........ Started about three months ago(time for a small update) I continue to learn and improve at least I hope so. I have discovered Artsig (sister site to this one) & really like the artistic freedom there to express with camera or paint or what ever I wish :) I really like Critiques so I give them. If anyone critiques a photo that I have posted, I am happy to return it, though it may take awhile to return it. Please be honest even if it is bad news. That is the way I learn and get better. I just ask that people be fair & not rude, their is no need for that after all :) Best of Regards to All. Keep critiquing & shooting & mostly have fun, be kind to others.......... It has been one year & five months here at photosig. & just over a year at Artsig. I continue to grow & learn. I feel I am developing my own style & strive to be artistic. I do mostly digital photography but very much enjoy film photography with b&w tmax film. I love working with monocromatic & high contrasting images. I want to work with larger format film 120 & with the Holga camera I hope to be doing that soon :) Keep critiquing & creating :) Kind regards to all! :) Tavius :)...... Update time june 28 2011 I have been using film 35mm,120mm & am working on my developing & printing skills at home after taking a class for B&W photography, I will be posting again soon. Kind regards to all :)

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