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I have been involved in photos on and off for a while now. Photosig for a few years now, and have become somewhat addicted to the process. I think that the site has had a postive effect on my pictures, overtime, learn more of what appeals and what does not. While I strongly believe that taking pictures to one's own taste is critical, but, understanding what others may find appealing is important for long term success (whatever that is). So, while in foreground, you may be taking pictures to your taste, in the subconscious is this growing knowledge of other peoples view of pictures. I think that this effects in the end the portfolio.

For critiques, I try to stick to my first reaction to a shot. I work at keeping a 3-1 ratio, and will maintain that ratio to posts in the spirit of the site. I encourage people to experiment, and broaden their photograhy experience.

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