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Having been interested in the art of photography from childhood I happened to be an amateur photographer, starting up with black & white photography and printing process.

Owing to my preoccupation I let go of this hobby for many years but now, after photography had gone digitalized, I came back on track once again.

During my recent journey of Iran I had a Samsung Digimax A4/Kenox D4 with me. Most of my recent pictures in Iran were taken by this camera.

Presently I have a Canon Power Shot S2 IS--a common camera. A good Camera is, no doubt, an important tool in photography when it comes to quality especially the bit depth; yet, I believe, the person behind the Camera, who architects the photograph, is even more important as creation of Mona Lisa implies the virtue of Leonardo himself not the tools and materials he used.

I always welcome critiques having the evaluation of art of photography demonstrating the rule of thirds, placement of center of interest, depth of field, point of view, composition, spirit, expression-- specially in portraiture-- exposure adjustments, management of light, actuating of focal length, and similar other counting technical points to be shared to make our journey of this art more interesting.

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