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I don't delude myself in thinking that I am anything but an amateur (or a hack, if you've seen some of my work). However, under the theory that even the blind hog finds the occasional acorn, I keep shooting. Like most hobbyists, I believe that the greatest boon to amateur photography has been the emergence of the digital camera. I could never have afforded to shoot the volume of photos on film that I would need to shoot in order to get good. Currently, I am a minimalist equipment-wise, using the most basic equipment, no studio, no banks of lights etc., but I enjoy just trying to find a meaningful composition from the mundane. I have a lot to learn, and I believe that photosig is an excellent open forum in which to learn. By the way, that's me on the right. The green guy is just a former assistant, now deceased, who used to constantly whisper in my ear, "Remember, thou art mortal."

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