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This user has no photo Amateur Photographer, who has been taking pictures in film since the 60's to present. Inherited a small PnS digital and am learning how to use it.

Currently have taken possession of wifes Olympus OM-1 and have been shopping for filters & different lens on E-Bay in preparation for trips to the Great Smokey Mountian National Park & Florida.

My new motto - "Ask not what your camera can do, but what you can do with your camera."

List of items obtained so far:

Lens -
Zuiko 75-150mm F4 Lens

Filters -
Hoya ND 2X
Hoya Close-Up Set
Moose-PL/Warming Filter
Four different Hoya filters for B&W photography that I will list later.

New Pentax K10D with kits lens.

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