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I grew up in upstate NY and came to the San Francisco bay area 20 years ago. Photography has been a hobby/passion on and off for the last 30-some years. I'm hoping to improve by way of PhotoSIG critiques - at least it motivates me to keep shooting!

As I've spent more time on this site I've decided to rarely critique people whose critique rating is less than their photo rating, as it seems they really aren't contributing to others.

31-May-2007 Going into my third year here I figured it's time for an update for those who care. I'm a physicist with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering working for a defense contractor in the East Bay near San Francisco. Photography is my main hobby at the moment. My favorite types are birds in flight, long exposure night and water shots, macro and ultra-wide building or city shots. I've finally figured out that I enjoy using the camera not to record what I see, but rather what I can't see with normal vision - even ordinary scenes I prefer turning up the contrast and saturation and making more visually appealing - purists beware! I wouldn't think of posting a shot without post-processing it

24-May-2008 Spending more time with some local photo clubs and cutting back on PSIG time - but I'm still here.....

9-July-2009 another year and still having fun! Continuing spending more time with club activities, and I seem to be drifting away from birds towards architecture and models - I'm enjoying the variety of things I shoot. This has been a year of much travel and some periods away from PSIG, but I still find it a most rewarding site - cheers ;-)

27-Mar-2010 Thanks to Ed Mestre for the new profile photo - at the Holi Festival

10-June-2011 Thanks now to Minie Gonzales for the newest profile photo

12-December-2012 After a few years of club competitions, and daily posts on Facebook, I'm ready to come back here and play

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