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Hello, I have recentley gotten back into photograpy. I am shooting with a Canon 7e with a number of lenses. I am still learning the art and would welcome any commments that anyone has. (11/14/02)Thanks to all that have submitted comments and helpful tips. I have upgraded some of my equipment and added a EOS 3 which I am still learning to use but really like alot. I have had the opportunity to speak with and meet some of you since I have joined this site and I have introduced several people to it as well. Thank you agan. (4/23/03)Well the Learning continues, I have now upgraded to a D30 & a D60 but still go back to the EOS 3 from time to time. Turning mor etowards sports shots and action photography. I will try to keep it well rounded. (11/8/05) WOW did I need to update my profile! I now own my own sports photography business, and have move almost all towards sports Photography. I still like other subjects but theres not alot of time left over. I have 5 different digital cameras ranging from the old D30 to the new Mark II n. I am now getting assingments out of the country and my main sport is swimming. Photosig thanks! I feel I have gotten more info from this site then any other. The other Sig members have been so helpful over the years, Thanks! Thank you Keith

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