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Hi Again! I started on sig around 2002 as a novice, I worked hard to improve my photo skills, and during that time, I learned more from this site than anyone could even imagine. I started here with my Sony 707! I have since been thru many digital cameras, and now I have a Canon 20D which I love. I have aquired quite an extensive array of lenses and am enjoying my photography more and more each day. I have a business now, and have inlisted my Daughter who does Video,(canon GL2) and son in law who does stills with me. We go to horse shows during the summer months, and are comissioned by quite a few people now, that do competitions. It is wild and fun. A great hobby! I will soon post some pictures, hoping to get wonderful constructive help from all of you out there, as I have before. Inspiration runs deep here.. appreciate what you learn. I do. Thank you, and Happy Shooting!

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