Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem

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Title     Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem
Photographer     ladymadonna/Ave (5,067) Send mail to this user
Portfolio     Inspirational
Categories     Fine Art
Digital back/sensor     10.1mega effective pixels (cmos)
Paper     Premium Luster Photo Paper (Epson)
Lens     auto focus
Camera     SVP 15-in1 10MP digital camera
Format     Digital, JPG
Content advisory     G (general audiences)
Submitted     May 22, 2008 7:09:45 AM CDT
Views     1,179
Rating     1 Thumb-up

This is a cropped photo taken with my NEW SVP 15-in-1 10 MP digital camera. It is supposed to do everything but shine my shoes... I bought it on Ebay. It goes up to 12MP intepolated but is a 10MP camera.It has alot of adjustments for EV indexes, night day indoor and cloudy. It also takes videos, BUT I have yet to figure out how to do a decent macro with it.Besides being about the size of a pack of cigarettes, it is an MP player, mass storage unit and does some stuff like change currency, has built in games and a bunch of stuff i will never probably use...I got it to take pictures far it takes pretty good ones from about 8 ft or more away. the video and sound is good too.

I took this shot with a flash and had it set for indoors and put the settings up to 10MP.

This picture is of a 10 ft x 12 ft mural that I did a couple of months ago, in the rear peak of a church down in Lock Haven in February. It is 22 ft up on the wall, so I had to climb ladders onto 2 stories of scaffolding to complete it.

After I was done I rolled the scaffold back about 18-20 feet and climbed it again to take this picture along with some others. The scaffolding was very rickety so most of the shots came out blurry. I caught this one by holding my breathe as I clicked ~ lol.. to stop the scaffolding from rocking.

Although the painting was more spread out and feathered at the edges, I cropped it to this size in my PhotoImpression programming so I could make prints of it . I also have an HP9800 so I can print it up to 13 x 19 on all sorts of great Photopapers and fine art papers. I also reduced it to ACEO sizes and have been selling them on line.

The customers asked me to incorporate several ideas into their painting, which had to include Jesus at sunset the night before his betrayal; alone in the garden so he could pray ; They wanted him reminiscing things like overlooking the river Jordan where he had been previously baptized and looking over Jerusalem; he had to also be a bit righteousely angry about the impending doom of Jerusalem that was to come in 70AD and considering what his followers would have to suffer throughout time for his sake, [so I clenched one of his fists ] ; they said also he had to be standing on holy ground [so I took off his sandals as no one can walk with shoes on holy ground]; they wanted the temple to be as accurate as possible 7 to include the gold dome [ so I worked from some composite photos]and he had to look sad[ as a man of sorrows aquaintd with grief] knowing he was about to be the next prophet Jerusalem was about to he was about to be crucified the next day.

It was quite project~ the hardest part for me was climbing up and down the scaffolding and not giving into that vertigo type feeling I got whenever I happened to look down.

I hope you like it~ :) Ave


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Thumb-up    from rossgreening/Ross (1,360) Send mail to this user on July 7, 2008 7:02:31 AM CDT (1) Early critique

It is a nice picture of a picture, don't think you could improve on it for what it is, nice colours, nice crop, you could frame it and hang it on the wall Cheers Ross

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