Window portrait

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Title     Window portrait
Photographer     chud/Chris (1,595) Send mail to this user
Portfolio     People
Categories     Portrait
Black and White
Content advisory     G (general audiences)
Submitted     June 4, 2006 4:48:47 PM CDT
Views     451
Rating     2 Thumb-up

I know this is soft, but is it too soft? What to do to make this one work better?


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Non-conforming thumb-up Non-conforming thumb-up    from bhupy/Bhupi (1,346) Send mail to this user on June 10, 2006 10:37:39 AM CDT



Thumb-up    from clive/Kiwi (3,881) Send mail to this user on June 4, 2006 9:28:09 PM CDT (1) Early critique

What Jaime has said plus, the image is lacking in contrast as well as being soft.
There is not much that can be done to improve this particular image. You could try to increase contrast but it still will not be a very good photo.

When in doubt with shooting this type of image it pays to take several shots at different exposures. The window light will usually get blown out when contrast is great but if you use a tripod and take several shots at different exposures you can then combine two shots to make a decent photograph.

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Thumb-up    from jazgator/Jaime (9,391) Send mail to this user on June 4, 2006 5:01:43 PM CDT (2) Early critique

Chris, you would better be served if shooting information was included when posting and expecting some type of feedback. The image is soft as you said but what is more important is that the subjerct is also under exposed. For this type portraits, one would like to use a 100mm lense, would attemp to diffuse the window light and measure distance from the sensor plane to the subject and preset the image focus, cameras tend to under of over estimate focal length in low light conditions.

Cheers, Jaime

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From chud/Chris (1,595) Send mail to this user on June 4, 2006 5:15:04 PM CDT

Thanks - this is an older picture, and I no longer have the exposure information. It's actually a candid shot, but thanks for the suggestions - definitely useful when I'm able to set it up.



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