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Title     Natalie.2
Photographer     robbiedillon/Robbie (959) Send mail to this user
Portfolio     Fashion/Beauty
F-stop     f/11
Shutter speed     1/125 sec
Categories     Fashion
Scanner     Epson 3170
Lens     80 mm
Camera     Bronica SQ-A
Format     6x6
Film     Fuji NPH 400
Content advisory     G (general audiences)
Submitted     September 7, 2005 9:41:17 AM CDT
Views     2,679
Rating     5 Thumb-up


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Thumb-up    from gopherdart/Mike (10,068) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2005 7:19:21 PM CDT (0) Early critique

Robbie, Natalie is a very beautiful model who looks like she is at home working with you. IMO the colors are not what they should be for NPH400. I don't know if it is the conversion to digital, which I am guessing, or what, but the image looks very flat to me. There is no punch to the colors. The grass should be much greener, which Fuji is noted for doing. Maybe it is the overpowering brightness of the sky. It is a good effort but it just lacks the punch it really needs. Keep shooting, posting, and having fun..............mike

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From robbiedillon/Robbie (959) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2005 8:05:40 PM CDT

thanks for the crit... i actually desaturated it in ps-cs2 by ~15 points and burned in the edges. i liked both the original as well as what i made from it, but was sort of after the muted look i got with this. thanks again for looking.


Thumb-up Thumb-up    from smiduri/Simone (954) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2005 9:58:05 AM CDT (2) Early critique

Natalie is a beautiful model and I like the shot, I like how she's posing and her position with respect to the photo and I find her way of looking king of intruguing, the real strength of the photo. Although I find the background distracting due to the strong difference in ligthing between the Grass and the sky and because the latter is too lit almost white. I think a generally softer background (more uniform maybe) and abit more of light on the model woul really improve the quality of the photo.

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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from kentsouthard/Kent (13,515) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2005 9:48:03 AM CDT (3) Early critique

Robbie, A pleasing candid portrait, good values between the bright sun and the shadows she is sitting in. Just maybe in my opinion too low a camera angle or maybe she could be looking down a little.

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