A Streak on a Beach

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Title     A Streak on a Beach
Photographer     skyisle/Grady (46) Send mail to this user
Portfolio     Grady's Photos
Categories     Random
Sea and Sand
Lens     Olympus
Camera     Olympus XA
Format     35mm
Film     Kodachrome 25 (KM)
Submitted     March 12, 2002 1:55:11 AM CST
Views     276
Rating     6 Thumb-up

This was taken at Appfel Park (East Beach) in Galveston, Texas, in 1985. A sudden summer shower had driven off most of the remaining beach people when this lone vehicle appeared. Most of my photos at the time were taken with one of two Pentax ME Super SLR?s. This picture was an exception: I used a pocket Olympus XA with a fixed 28mm lens. Fortunately, the Olympus had a tripod socket which made possible this long exposure. The only reason for using the Olympus was that it had some old film that I wanted to use up. I suggest that you always have a tripod in your car. I have carried the same tripod in my trunk since 1980. It looks rusty at this point, and it went through a major flood in 2001, but it's always there for pictures like this.


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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from lecter/Rob (5,721) Send mail to this user on April 4, 2002 10:59:35 PM CST (0)

I'd crop the bottom of the shot a lot. Nicely put together and luck sometimes provides the best shots.

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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from drummond/Janet and Rod (18,202) Send mail to this user on March 21, 2002 4:13:35 PM CST (0)

Nice effect created here. Interesting colours and composition, glad you had that pocket camera with some film in.

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Thumb-up Thumb-up    from matheat/Matt (365) Send mail to this user on March 12, 2002 5:40:49 AM CST (0)

Hey, I'm a sucker for the long-exposure stuff. This is great. I love the colors and the different forms that come into play. Great composition. Proof that you don't need a super expensive camera to get a great shot. Well done.

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