Deer Isle Sunset

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Title     Deer Isle Sunset
Photographer     tomharrison/Tom (3,165) Send mail to this user
Portfolio     Portfolio
F-stop     f/8
Shutter speed     1/60 sec
Categories     Landscape
Lens     Canon 20-35 F2.8L USM
Camera     Canon EOS 10D
Format     ISO-400
Submitted     September 6, 2003 9:21:20 PM CDT
Views     850
Rating     16 Thumb-up

Penobscot Bay separates the Camden hills from Deer Isle, Maine. When the weather is right, truly awesome sunsets can occur. I was eating dinner when my wife looked out the window and gave me the alert. I grabbed my bag and tripod and slipped out onto the rock weed at low tide and started shooting, getting eaten by mosquitos (no time for DEET!). I must have shot 50 frames, with each passing moment getting more incredible.

I have tried to faithfully reproduce the scene, with appropriate adjustments to color balance, histogram, curves and so on, from the raw image my camera saw. My wife was there and will verify that what you see here is pretty close to the real thing, except that in life, we enjoyed a 360 degree view (I took a series fro a panorama, which I haven't worked on yet).

I seek all critical comments on artistic merit, technical merit and anything else you wish to share. All feedback welcomed!


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Non-conforming thumb-up Non-conforming thumb-up Non-conforming thumb-up    from boreasz/Tomasz (39) Send mail to this user on January 4, 2007 11:10:30 AM CST

I think it's great. I like composition, colours, and focus. Colourful sky looks really magnificently...


Thumb-up Thumb-up    from barclayphoto/John (3,850) Send mail to this user on August 8, 2004 6:55:02 PM CDT (1)

Oh how I love Maine. This is a wonderful area and you have been blessed with a wonderful sky and sunset! A terrific image for sure.

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Thumb-up Thumb-up Thumb-up    from trevordutt/Trevor (1,265) Send mail to this user on February 6, 2004 6:23:43 PM CST (1)

This is one of the best sunset photographs that I have seen for a long time. The diagonals in the sky are mirrored by the middle distance land mass and complemented by the way that the trees tilt into the picture. The colours are just perfect. (I am also pleased to see the horizontal horizon – tilted horizons are one of my pet hates!)

Congratulations and thanks are also due to your wife for recognising the potential in the first place! I look forward to seeing the panorama.

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From tomharrison/Tom (3,165) Send mail to this user on February 6, 2004 7:59:43 PM CST

Trevor -- thanks kindly for your critique and observations. I am also, er, picky, about horizons being horizontal -- it didn't come out of the camera that way :-)


Thumb-up Thumb-up Thumb-up    from texascruiser/Laura Spell Aka (13,812) Send mail to this user on September 9, 2003 9:01:04 AM CDT (1)

Great composition, colors are stunning! I really like the lines formed by the clouds and the rocks in the foreground. The silhouette of the trees is sharp. Would make a great poster!

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Thumb-up Thumb-up Thumb-up    from nightfall/Alan (2,131) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2003 1:41:00 AM CDT (1) Early critique

I love this shot. No complaints from me either. I'd love to get this pic and print it out at a large size, i reckon it'd look mindblowing. A bit more water on the left might have been cool. Not really a complaint, but i just thought of it ;)

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From tomharrison/Tom (3,165) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2003 1:49:50 AM CDT

Wow -- thanks! I agree with the comment about more water on the left -- it's a good suggestion and exactly the kind of thing I am looking for here. While I mostly find that the "focal length magnification" of my EOS lenses on the 10D is a good thing, my 20mm wide lens is really taking a 37mm shot.


Thumb-up Thumb-up    from picksphotos/Dave (1,390) Send mail to this user on September 6, 2003 8:54:03 PM CDT (1) Early critique

Tom this is an absolutely beautiful Sunset. I like the composition and the colors are amazing. I am amazed at the detail retained in the rock. For experimentation I would wonder just how much you could bring just the rocks up in PS All in all fantastic and I look forward to the panoramic also. This one is a wall hanger.

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From tomharrison/Tom (3,165) Send mail to this user on September 6, 2003 10:19:01 PM CDT

Thanks for the comments! The rock detail is pretty cool, eh? I have to say, the Canon 10D is a simply amazing camera (and, by mistake in my haste I was shooting at ISO 400 instead of 100, which I could easily have done given the tripod, etc.).

Anyway, I did a little curves adjustment in the shot you see to bring up this detail -- a tiny little bump down near the lower-left. Overall mid-tone or exposure compensation started washing out the sky. The detail is there in the rocks (albeit with a bit of noise), but how to get the detail and keep the main subject color is the trick. If I am feeling especially ambitious, in PS I might mask off the rocky foreground and do two separate adjustments. I have a few others in this series to play with. This is the kind of job I like to leave for those dark and dismal New England winter nights, when the only color you get to see is red tail lights in traffic on the commute home :-)


Thumb-up Thumb-up Thumb-up    from lzabaleta/Lorna (4,219) Send mail to this user on September 6, 2003 9:42:09 PM CDT (1) Early critique

You'll get no complaints from me on this one. This is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing the panorama. Regards, Lorna.

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From keifer/Keith (2,317) Send mail to this user on September 7, 2003 4:11:43 PM CDT

But did you get to paddle any?


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