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There are two types of memberships available on photoSIG. Basic Memberships are free to everyone; all you need is an email address. Premium Memberships cost $25 per year but provide you with a greater photo submission quota and eliminates all third-party advertising.

For now we'll just set you up with a free Basic Membership. After your account is created, we will give you the opportunity to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

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We use the information that you supply to provide a better community experience for everyone by identifying shill and other types of abusive accounts. We may also contact you in the event that we need to ask you a question or pass along some information that we think you may find useful or interesting. In the past, we have contacted users to tell them about photoSIG events in their areas, to let them know that their memberships were expiring, or to ask them about problems that they encountered while using the system.

Your personal information will be kept confidential, with two exceptions. photoSIG will display your first name throughout the system. (Your last name is never displayed.) If you use the photoSIG mail system, then photoSIG will provide your email address to the mail recipient so that the person may reply to you that way. You should read our complete Privacy Policy before continuing.

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