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You must specify at least one category for your photo and may specify up to three. There are many different categories. You may feel that your photo falls into four or five or ten categories, but please choose the best three.

Some categories require special explanation.

The Decisive Moment category is for photos that capture a fateful moment in time. If you are familiar with the notion of the decisive moment then you know that this category has a high standard.

The Expression category is for photos in which the concept, idea, or situation being expressed is more important than the literal subject of the photo.

The Emotive cateogry is for photos which are intended to provoke an emotional response from the viewer.

The Family category is for family photos. Family photos usually don't fare very well on photoSIG, so you might want to think twice.

The Random category is for random pictures that you took just because you happened to like what you saw in the viewfinder. This category also includes "found object" photos and miscellaneous stuff that can't otherwise be categorized.

The Recycled Art category is for pictures of artwork created by other people. Think before you submit a picture in this category. Is your photo unique in any way, or is it just a straightforward photo of the other artwork? Could your mother have taken it?

The Rough Camera category is for photos taken with cheap, plastic cameras like Holgas and Dianas.

The Sea and Sand category is for ocean and seashore photos.

The Tourist category is for photos that you took on vacation or on a tour. This category is similar to the Family category in that if you're uploading a lot of photos in this category, you should question whether you're a photographer or a tourist.

The Urban, Suburban, and Rural categories are for photos that depict urban, suburban, and rural life, respectively.

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