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In order to promote high-quality critiques, photoSIG only allows critiques that meet a certain standard to affect a photo's rating. Other critiques are saved and displayed, but have no effect on the photo's rating. A critique that conforms to the photoSIG critique standard (a "conforming" critique) will have colored thumbs, while a "non-conforming" critique will have hollow thumbs.

The photoSIG critique standards has four tests. A critique that passes all of these tests is deemed to conform to the standard.

Length: A conforming critique must be at least 15 unique correctly spelled words about the photograph.

Repetition: A conforming critique must be unique.

Frequency: A conforming critique must be either the first or second critique written by the critic for that particular photographer in the past seven days.

Average rating: A conforming critique must not be part of a pattern of very high ratings (which might indicate rating inflation) or very low ratings (which might indicate revenge rating). photoSIG expects an average rating of about one thumb-up per critique.

To see why a critique you have written does not conform, go to your mySG page, scroll down to the list of critiques you have given, and there will be one of the reasons above beside each critique that does not conform.

To avoid this entirely, use the preview link before submitting your critique. Ths function will let you know if your critique will conform or not and why, allowing you to adjust your critique.

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