Please write more critiques. Thank you.

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Why aren't you writing critiques for other photographers? Clearly you enjoy receiving them, did you consider that other photographers would enjoy receiving your feedback on their photos?

Are you too busy to write critiques? Spouse, kids, cat, dog, laundry, family, church, job, all keeping you hopping. We understand, we all have the same or similar responsibilities and commitments. But then we all have the same 24 hours. If you're too busy to critique, you're too busy to submit photos.

Do you feel you're too new to photography to give feedback, that you're not qualified? photoSIG believes everyone is capable of giving useful feedback, even if you are not a photographer, even if you are a new photographer. Everyone is capable of expressing what they like or do not like about a photograph and why and how a photo makes you feel. That is the basis for any good critique.

Is English not your first language? We appreciate that it is more difficult and time consuming to write critiques in English for people whose mother tongue is not English. Have you tried an online language translator? In the end though, you've chosen to join an English speaking site. If the effort is too much for you then consider joining a site in your language where you can participate fully and fairly.

Are you a photographer but not a writer? Then photoSIG may not be the best choice of sites for you. photoSIG is a critique site, not a photo sharing site. The purpose of photoSIG is to learn more about photography by thoughtfully considering photographs and writing critiques about them.

Do you feel that submitting your photo is your contribution to the community? That might be the true if we had a shortage of photos, but we don't. We have a shortage of critiques. In any case, a photo submission is not a contribution, but a request for others to critique your work. Is it fair that you should only take and not give?

What's in it for you to critique other people? photoSIG firmly believes that writing critiques helps your own photography improve. As you learn to write better critiques, you naturally critique your own photographs as you take them.

photoSIG's goal is that each photo will receive 3 critiques, that's why we reward the first three critics on any photo with extra points and why we discourage piling on. In order that photoSIG achieve it's 3 critiques per photo this means photographers should critique three photos for each photo they submit. This is the critique ratio you may hear others talking about. The number of photos you have submitted, divided by the number of critiques you have submitted. We understand that photos get deleted, that it's not always possible, but it is a worthy goal for photoSIG members to work towards.

Please consider critiquing other peoples' photographs more frequently, besides helping them, you might be surprised how much it helps you. Thank you.

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