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The words "HTML enabled" mean that you can use a limited set of HTML codes in the entry field. If you are using the Editize editor, then you don't have to worry about HTML codes; Editize takes care of them for you. If you are not using Editize, then the following HTML codes are permitted:

<P> is used to begin a new paragraph. This help text used <P> to cause this paragraph to be separate from the first.

<BR> inserts a line break without starting a new paragraph. It is useful when you want to make a list of items.

<B> is used to make a word appear in boldface. <B> begins the boldface section. Use </B> (with a slash) to end it.

<I> is similar to <B>, except that it is used to start an italicized section. Use </I> to end the italics.

<U> and </U> are used to begin and end an underlined section.

<A HREF="http://..."> marks the start of an anchor and is used to embed hyperlinks in your text. Replace the "http://..." with the URL to which you are linking. Use the </A> tag to end the hyperlink.

Because the less-than and greater-than characters are used to designate HTML tags, normally they will be stripped out if you use them. If you want to include a literal less-than in your text, use "&lt;", and for a greater-than, "&gt;".

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