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Frequently Asked Questions

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Joining or leaving photoSIG
What are the differences in membership types?
I registered some time ago. Why haven't I received my password?
How do I receive a refund for my Premium Membership purchase?
How do I change my photoSIG name
How do I delete my account?

Viewing photos
Why are some photos and forum posts locked?
Why do some photos have a lock on them, and how do I view them?
Why are some thumbnails locked?
What if I don't want to view adult content?
Why am I seeing locked thumbnails even though I've set my rating to view "any content"?

Writing critiques
How many thumbs should I give?
How should I deal with the subject in a critique?
How do I critique a photo?
Why is critiquing the same user more than twice a week discouraged?
How do I include clickable links, paragraph breaks, bold text, etc, in my text?

Submitting photos
What are the photo submission limits?
My submission quota is negative! How can this happen?
What are the photographer's comments for?
Why has the film/format/camera/etc. that I saved with my photo been changed?
What are photoSIG assignments, and how do I enter?
Why do my photos or thumbnails look different on photoSIG than on my computer
Why am I getting an Invalid ICC Profile Data Error?

Removing photos
What is the difference between deleting and withdrawing my photo?

Receiving critiques
What are the qualifications required to critique photos on photoSIG?
How can I find out which of my photos have new critiques?
How can I get some/more critiques?
Why was my photo given a thumbs-down?
Why do nude photos get so much attention?

Rating critiques
Helpful/Unhelpful. What does it mean?
How does the three thumbs down rating work?
What can I do about an unhelpful rating on my critique?

What does the number after my name mean?
Hey, why did my points suddenly drop?
Wouldn't it be better to ...?
Why are most of the highest rated photos several years old?

Featured photos & critiques
How are the Featured Photographer, Critique, and Photos chosen?
How can a non- conforming critique be featured on the main page?

The forums
How do I include clickable links, paragraph breaks, bold text, etc, in my text?

photoSIG Policies
Why doesn't photoSIG ... ?
Why does photoSIG ... ?
How do I complain about someone?
What happens if a photo is suspected of being stolen?
Don't I have a right to my opinion?

Other Q & A
How is photoSIG managed?
Why haven't you answered my email?
How do I report a bug or system problem?
Why are photos slow to load or showing as red Xs?
Why is photoSIG trying to install something on my computer or give me a virus?
Why can't I browse or search for photos by focal length?