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Featured Photographer arek0michalak/Arkadiusz (3,812)

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Hungry butterfly (4) This item is new
arek0michalak/Arkadiusz (3,812)
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Flower (5)
arek0michalak/Arkadiusz (3,812)
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temptation (5)
arek0michalak/Arkadiusz (3,812)
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Yellow grasshopper (3)
arek0michalak/Arkadiusz (3,812)

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Featured Photo Critic robertwallis/Robert (15,001)

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Adjust (6) This item is new
drbob/Robert (drbob) (24,993)
Thumb-up    from robertwallis/Robert (15,001) This user is a Premium Member This user is an Administrator Send mail to this user on July 29, 2014 9:44:23 PM CDT (5) Early critique This item is new

I don't recall a film being made for fluorescents back then as there were so many variations it was about impossible to get a correct color balance. They did make tungsten balanced film, Kodak Ektachrome 160T, 3M had a couple including the 3M 640T, and if you picked up the Kodak Duplicating slide film, it was tungsten balance also. Fuji had 100T if memory serves correct but I can't recall if it was a neg or positive film. Every one of them would give a blue cast that made...

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Featured Photos

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Little Flower (8) This item is new
orshpringer/Or (34)
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European Paper Wasps (7) This item is new
drorloff/Adrian (95)
Europeam paper wasps on knapweed.
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Warsaw Sunset (5) This item is new
tkorocky/Kevan (2,802)
No HDR, but I did process the...
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Bookshelf (5) This item is new
whelve/Kari (304)
Taken this summer in the south side...
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Devils Tower & the Milky Way (5) This item is new
vermilye/Jon (5,175)
This is a composite of 8 frames...
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Hotel (4) This item is new
arnesaknussen/Tom (3,997)
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White Egret (4) This item is new
antonvanzyl/Anton (3,363)
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Fly portrait (4) This item is new
jmrosz/Jan (225,078)
A fly in front of the lens ...
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Zooming (4) This item is new
michaelcastellano/Michael (73,929)
A drake (male mallard) flying at a...
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Ten points landing (4) This item is new
martel09/Martti (689)
After long waiting in the evening I...
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reach out (3) This item is new
kayshots/Kay (936)
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For my friends (2) This item is new
rsabet/Reza (6,535)
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psalzman/Phillip (201)
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Farm (1) This item is new
miharbi51/Ýbrahim (2,676)
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The Seagull has landed (1) This item is new
alleykat/Darren (6,517)
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The better for wear (1) This item is new
rickshep/Rick (5,002)
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Mentoring program for learning opportunities now open This item is new
from robertwallis/Robert (15,001) on July 31, 2014 1:12:30 PM CDT

The mentor program is now being set up and ready to take new members. Thanks to Nick Paoni's suggestions, we're going to have a few changes.

The mentors will take on a few members at a time, two to four at their discretion, and this will run for a month each time. At that point the members can either switch to another mentor in a different area or stay with the same mentor. This makes it very open-ended.

The members have a few requirements to do as part of this program. They will need to return four critiques to the community, preferably to the others in their group or anyone else they choose.

In order to keep track of postings and commentary, I will enable the premium notifications for anyone in the mentoring program. This will send an email to you of anyone's critiques or comments on your work, or any answer to your comments or postings in the photos or forum areas. The members will also need to use the notifications panel when they post photos so that the mentor and others in your group or friends will be notified of your new photo post. I'll need to be notified when someone starts the program so I can get the notifications enabled.

The mentors can be contacted directly through the internal email system here on Photosig by clicking on the envelope next to their name on their profile page. Your notification will be with the enveelope in the upper right corner of the screen next to your name.

The mentor list, and this is not complete yet either, along with their areas of interest are as follows;

Wolli/Ian......Architecture, street photography, abstract

Baba/David.....Sports, action

Nick Paoni....... Intermediate Nature, close up /macro

Tigerpix/Tom...... Microstock

Steven Heap..... Microstock

Michaelcastellano/Michael..... Birding

Fly/ lighting/portraiture

RobertWallis/Robert lighting /portraiture

Critiques needed ASAP This item is new
from robertwallis/Robert (15,001) on July 27, 2014 1:08:57 PM CDT

This morning was a bit of a shocker. The front page featured a photo with a score of -4. Yeah, a photo with two crits that said it was terribly exposed with highlights smeared and blown. The front page algorithm looks for the highest rated sixteen photos in the past 24 hours so this photo is still in the top 16. It says there have been only sixteen photos submitted in that time period and that was still in the list.

What all this says is that we're not seeing enough critiques come through, and the photo pool is becoming smaller. To help turn this around two things need to be done, one which I can do and the other has to be done by the users of this site.

We're reviving the critique of the week and photo of the week with some new twists. The user with the highest number of conforming crits each week will get the premium membership which gives higher number of submissions and will give notifications by email whenever someone comments on your work or replies to anything you've commented on. The same will go for the member with the highest number of critique points each week. Likewise, a photo of the week will also be selected.

The other issue is one that the users of this site need to address. For the most part this is a free site to use unless you pay for a premium membership. The concept of free use has to be redefined. Too many users on here are not understanding the significance of the three crit rule. It's there to establish a threshold for adequate numbers of critiques being passed around on everyone's work.

When large numbers of users, or a high percentage, don't contribute to the pool the site runs downhill. The cost of using this site has to be three crits per photo submitted. It doesn't have to be tough; post your photo and start writing three crits while you're waiting to see what someone else may say about yours. In a sense, this isn't a free site; it requires some payback in turns of your time. If people aren't willing to do this, then things will continue to get worse.

I check many of the submissions on here, and there are way too many users who are only doing one crit for each photo they submit, and a large number who are hovering around two for one. That still isn't enough to sustain the level of activity we need. If we want this site to work and get the feedback we want, we have to put just a little more into it. The take away is that the cost of using the site has to be giving those three critiques every time you post a photo.