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This section features reviews of film cameras, including cameras with integrated lenses, camera bodies, and camera-lens packages.

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Arca Swiss Discovery Review
by willis/Willis (3,428) on February 25, 2002 2:59:13 AM CST

A review of the Arca Swiss Discovery, a $1,300 monorail view camera.

Praktica MTL-5 Review
by ahriman/Angra (1,125) on February 25, 2002 9:00:51 AM CST

A cheap and reliable SLR that allows access to awesome lenses whatever your budget!

Nikon FA
by 14917.v1/Jeremy (618) on June 20, 2002 12:24:31 AM CDT

A peice of history proves to be road-worthy even today

Mamiya 645E Review
by wclark5179/Bill (279) on October 10, 2002 11:33:16 AM CDT

At an affordable price point to gain entry or add to medium format photography, consider the Mamiya 645E, a winner in catagories outlined in the article.

Nikon F4, the best choice in nikon manual Focus ?
by janvanhove/Jan (451) on June 22, 2002 3:23:36 PM CDT

The Nikon F4, a 16 years old camera, has been for many years the camera of choice for professional photojournalists, now that those are going digital, their old F4 are coming into the used market...

Nikon N65/F65 Review
by jmcdonley/Jared (703) on January 5, 2003 3:31:03 PM CST


Stereo Realist
by dosojos/Louis (0) on November 13, 2006 5:24:14 PM CST

This is a review of the first 35mm stereo camera which was also the most popular and the best built stereo camera ever.

The Diana
by jmcolberg/Joerg (206) on December 18, 2002 9:34:50 PM CST

A review of the (in)famous Diana (toy/plastic) camera.

Contax 645 Review
by jfk4shots/Scott (1,424) on September 26, 2005 10:30:09 AM CDT

Why the Contax 645 AF?

Mamiya Rb67 Pro-S; Want one? Here's the rub.
by sisco1/Simon (236) on March 27, 2003 11:38:08 PM CST

This camera has been called the workhorse of the photographic industry for many years with good reason.

Nikon N80 / F80
by 101546.v1/Dan (310) on January 27, 2003 10:55:29 AM CST

A brief review of one of the latest Nikon AF SLR cameras. Contains comparisons to other Nikon models.

Pentax PZ-1p Camera
by kordoz/Stefan (2,671) on January 14, 2003 2:36:39 AM CST

Review of this great camera

Pentax MZ-6 (Europe) / ZX-L (USA)
by kordoz/Stefan (2,671) on December 30, 2002 1:10:54 AM CST

Review of this new Pentax camera, well featured competitor for Minolta Dynax 5 and EOS 300V

Review of Seagull 4B-1
by systemerror909/Ryan (436) on November 1, 2002 4:20:49 PM CST

Is Seagull really a good way to get into medium format photography? I have owned one since December 2001 and have overall been very pleased with my $125 investment.

Minolta X-700
by uccemebug/Michael (1,949) on October 14, 2002 11:05:52 AM CDT

My review of the Minolta X-700, a richly-featured manual-focus camera, based on four years of constant (amateur) use.

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