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This section features tutorials and how-tos on topics of interest to photographers.

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How To make color+B/W pictures
by manga23/Marco (2,001) on September 5, 2002 4:04:08 AM CDT

a fast and easy way to turn yu picture half B/W half color.. the technic can be used to achive other results too!

How to reduce noise in digital photos
by riccardo67/Riccardo (247) on June 7, 2002 11:10:08 AM CDT

Using Photoshop, a good way to reduce digital noise plaguing your pics

How to remove dust from photos with Photoshop
by charli/Giovanni (1,915) on September 22, 2006 1:17:22 PM CDT

An easy and quick way to eliminate from a photo unpleasant microparticles of dust laying on the digital camera sensor.

How to resize photos for photoSIG using Paint Shop Pro
by tvernuccio/Sheila (36,822) on May 5, 2008 11:57:21 PM CDT

This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions on resizing photographs in Paint Shop Pro to meet PhotoSIG submission guidelines.

How to Scan 3-D Objects
by bill3802/William (1,838) on January 12, 2007 5:39:25 PM CST

Try scanning flowers and other 3-D objects.

How to Selectively Remove Color
by spiffypix/Melanie (7,117) on December 15, 2008 5:33:18 PM CST

This article will show you how to selectively remove color from a photograph by using Photoshop.

How to shoot Concerts with Digital Cameras.
by khena/Khena (8,776) on October 10, 2002 5:49:27 PM CDT

This will describe the best way to shoot a concert with a digital camera (point & Shoot and DSLR). This covers: Challenges, How do get Credentials, and camera settings.

How to simulate LOMO Tunnel Effect in Photoshop?
by biglicgar/Joe (1,557) on April 5, 2003 12:09:22 PM CST

Tunnel Effect, so-called the dark corners. Now we can simulate it in Photoshop!!!

How to Trim a Print Without Measuring
by bill3802/William (1,838) on January 3, 2007 1:11:06 PM CST

How to print precise guidelines around a photo.

How To Turn a Picture to look like a painting using Photoshop
by deleted125500/deleted (1,357) on June 9, 2005 6:57:05 PM CDT

How To Turn a Picture to look like a painting using Photoshop

HTML Codes For Beginers
by hojamohoho/Luke (1,065) on May 31, 2002 1:00:03 AM CDT

Thought i'd continue on from Chris Jarvis' article. Here i will try to explain a few of the simpler HTML Codes for you to try out yourself. Making Links to other pages and your email and editing texts

HTML Codes For Beginers - Part 2
by hojamohoho/Luke (1,065) on August 11, 2002 8:17:39 PM CDT

After my first article on HTML, i've had alot of requests to continue on and explain some other basics, namely how to add photos into your articles

HTML Codes For Beginers - Part 3
by hojamohoho/Luke (1,065) on December 3, 2002 5:49:05 PM CST

After the success of my first two articles, I though I would continue the series and reveal some more secretes of HTML

Improve your PS framing with a matte...
by stuartelflett/Stuart (6,832) on March 31, 2003 1:51:00 AM CST

One thing I've noticed about 'framing' with Photoshop...

Improving your family holiday card photos
by ababbitt/Alan (712) on December 7, 2002 4:02:56 PM CST

Millions of them are made every's how to make yours stand out

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