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artSIG is photoSIG's sister site and emcompasses all types of visual art, including photography. The artSIG community includes digital artists, painters, illustrators, cartoonists, graphic designers, and other visual artists. artSIG runs the same software as photoSIG and has a similar look and feel, but the two sites are completely separate.


It's pretty accurate to say that has been around for as long as the World Wide Web itself. Philip Greenspun founded this site in 1993 in order to share his photos with his friends. Keep in mind that in 1993, nobody had digital cameras, scanners cost $1,000 or more (except greyscale scanners, now obsolete), there were a lot of PC users who didn't use Windows, and those who did usually had 256-color displays. When people who didn't work in publishing started to realize that they could use their computers as photographic tools and communicate with other photographers online, was there. Mr. Greenspun's site, now operated by Luminal Path, Inc., has an amazing amount of content accumulated over its nine years of operation. Definitely worth a look.

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Fotki is an image-sharing site. You can upload your images into portfolios and invite your friends to view them or order prints. Fotki is a beautifully-designed site and is a pleasure to use. If you want to show off your photos but don't want other people to critique them then this your site.

Canon Camera Museum

If you enjoy learning about old cameras, or if you have a particular interest in Canon equipment, this is the site for you. It features photos, descriptions, and specifications of all Canon cameras from 1933 to the present, including digicams. Models are separated into those sold in the Japanese market, American the market, and other markets, so you can find your camera no matter where you bought it. Canon also includes old marketing materials, such as a presentation called "A Design Revolution: the T90 SLR Camera." (The T90 was released in 1986.) Ideal for browsing when you should be working.

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Lighting Magic

Scott Smith brings you Lighting Magic, a free site that features tutorials about photography and studio work, equipment reviews, and dozens of photos combined with explanations and lighting diagrams. Scott also sells some of his books on this site. An informative and colorful site.

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PBase is an image-sharing site much like Fotki, however, like photoSIG, it is a one-person effort. It's not as slick as Fotki, but it functions much the same. According to the founder, who goes by the self-applied name of Slug, will become a pay site soon. We at photoSIG are well aware that running a site that encourages people to download large images can be expensive, so this comes as no surprise.

Other Interesting Sites

Race 2004
Race 2004

A friend of mine has created the Race 2004 web site, which tracks the results of US presidential polls in every state and displays the current expected outcome of the election on a beautiful color-coded map. You can click on each state to view the poll history. It's a very nicely done site.

Sheena Wilkie Photography
Sheena Wilkie Photography

Sheena Wilkie is a photoSIG administrator and a professional photographer, her work can be seen at and her courses and workshops at