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Rude or offensive users, harassment, abuses of the rating system, stolen works or photos or copyright infringement, bogus accounts, photos with incorrect content ratings
If reporting copyright infringement, please send us the ID of the work or photo in question, or a link to it, as well as the name of the actual copyright holder, otherwise we'll just have to waste time asking you. Please note that for privacy reasons we cannot report back on any action taken as a result of an abuse report. All reports are reviewed and acted on as appropriate.
Problems with the software, broken links, internal errors
Please do not tell us about broken links in user-submitted comments; send email to the user instead.
Questions about your account
When contacting us about your account, please send us your account name name, the name that you use to sign in. If you don't tell us who you are, then we will have to ask you or otherwise figure it out, which will delay your response.
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